Emily is in a more tranquil state of mind, but is shaken up on the fact that she wanted to kill Chris. Zak's decided that he doesn't want compensation and it's time to lay Butch to rest once and for all. Lisa still holds herself responsible for Butch's death and is offended that Emily hasn't retaliated in any kind of way. Despite Lisa's perception, Emily affirms her that she doesn't blame her for her husband's death. Richie gets a frosty reception from the residents in The Woolpack, who all feel sorry for Jack's distress. Sarah's left feeling amazed when she goes to visit Jack and he agrees to think about giving her access to the children. Ollie lands herself a summer job at Home Farm working for Lady Tara in the stables. Sean isn't happy and confronts the boss. Donna questions Viv on why Kelly tried to kill herself, leaving Viv winced. Kelly tells an uptight Roy that he either tries to get along with Scott or doesn't work for him at all. Later on, she finds him in a friendly embrace with Tricia and instantly thinks the worst. Up at Home Farm, Chris and Charity get better acquainted and both are satisfied with their arrangement. Diane goes to support Jack and suggests that another woman might stop him stewing over Richie and Sarah and has to spell out to Jack that she is that very woman. Kissing like teenagers, the two find that one thing leads to another!


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