Viv breaks it to the family that she has decided to ask Bob to move in. Donna's confused about the upcoming change while Kelly thinks she's jumping the gun. As the day of Bernice's return draws nearer, Rodney begins to get nervous. Diane goes to visit Jack to cheer herself up, but she has more plans up her sleeve when the pair end up making love in the haystack! Zak tells Paddy that despite everything that's happened between him and Mandy, he will always be a Dingle in his eyes. Diane is still reeling from Ashley's plan. She furiously confronts him and reassures him that Bernice will not be pleased about meeting Rodney. Ashley reluctantly agrees. When Bob finally arrives, Viv prompts him and Kelly to go over to The Woolpack. However, the night ends in tatters when Viv catches Kelly trying to make a pass on Bob and viciously outs her in front of the whole pub before smacking her and throwing her out. Marc takes a vulnerable Donna back to his house and tries getting her into bed, but she dismisses his advances and walks out. Bev's taken a liking to Paddy and asks him to help her out more with the children. Diane asks Carlos if he would like to become the new chef of The Woolpack. He's thrilled, but Marlon isn't as such. Rodney tells Ashley that he has decided to move into a B&B, believing distance may be a key factor in the growing relationship of him and his daughter. Kelly decides to leave the village and make way for the bright lights of London. Scott and Donna wave her goodbye, and she disappears into the night.


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