The Sugden family are torn. Jack's struggling to keep it together and Robert's out for revenge. Adamant that Richie's to blame for his mother's death, he throws a brick through one of the windows at Pear Tree and attacks Richie in the street before Kathy pulls them apart. Racked with guilt, Andy's forced to confess to Jack that he was the one who set the barn alight. Jack's left stunned but is determined to do whatever he can to cover up for his son by starting to burn all of his clothes. The wedding is back on for Bernice and Ashley, and Bernice is even contemplating inviting Rodney too. After their disastrous night, Diane comes clean to Alan about her and Jack, but when telling Jack that she loves him, she's left devastated when he takes his anger out on her for outing their affair to the police. Lisa is having a hard time as a working mother and takes it out on her family. A concerned Emily comforts her, where she is told by Lisa that she thinks she might be pregnant. DC Brundel and DCI Harvey want to talk to Diane about the night Jack threatened Sarah in The Woolpack. Meanwhile, Carlos comes to Terry's aid to cook Carol a meal, but all ends sourly when it becomes obvious Terry lied about his skills and successes, but luckily for him, Carol doesn't seem to mind.


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