Today is Cain's birthday, but Cain is clearly not in the best of moods to celebrate. He is especially not pleased when Shadrach arrives. Later, when a drunk Shadrach tries to pounce on Emily, Zak and Cain realise he's stolen all the birthday liquor; Shadrach and Cain nearly come to blows, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Cain's mother Faith. At dinner, Cain says he's had enough and storms off. After Lisa has gone to bed and Shadrach has passed out, Zak and Faith are left sitting together. After revealing that she married Shadrach because she got pregnant, she admits to Zak that Shadrach is not Cain's father - he is. Meanwhile, Jack's magistrate appearance takes place and things are left looking grim as he is refused bail. Jack protests and is led down to the cells. Kathy visits him and offers to look after the kids for the time being. Elsewhere, Tricia asks Alan if he will be a witness at her wedding to Joe, but Alan refuses to have anything to do with her sham marriage; and Chris spends the day with Zoe and Joseph.


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