Jack's missing the kids and his cellmate Harry Thompson is, fortunately, an understanding shoulder for him to cry on. Jack arranges for the family to come and visit. Andy criticises Robert for not helping out on the farm and the boys end up in a slanging match until Kathy calms it down. During the visit, Kathy and the boys try to remain optimistic. Jack asks for a minute alone with Andy where he makes him promise to keep quiet. Later on, Jack is distraught after the visit. He attacks Harry and starts to go insane. Zak's decided to tell Cain that he's his father. Chris and Charity are the main gossip in the village. Cain's clearing out Charity's things when he comes across a box full of cash. Charity arrives at Wishing Well for her stuff with a confrontation. Zak tells her that as far he's he concerned she doesn't exist in the family and is abolished. A delivery man drops off a van load of boxes for Carol. Viv isn't happy when she starts decorating the place to her own taste and throws Viv's clothes out, she seems to be taking a toll on Donna as well. Sean offers to give Marc driving lessons for his birthday. He apologises to Angie for neglecting her and the children. Marc advises Angie to talk to Sean if she isn't happy.


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