It's Bob and Viv's wedding day. Donna is gobsmacked when she hears Viv's news. Carol tries to persuade her to call it off. Things get nasty when Carol tells Viv that she is only getting married because she is desperate. Donna and Carol are not the only ones who are less than happy at Viv getting married, Bob also has reservations. He tells Terry that he is having second thoughts. Terry suggests that he should talk to Viv, but Bob tells him that he is going through with the wedding. Alan takes Diane out on his motorbike. They end up in a 1950s theme pub and Alan takes an interest in the juke box. Andy bunks off school to spend the day with Cain. He comes home and gets an earful from Kathy when she realises he has been drinking. Tricia gets more and more worried about her marriage to Joe. She takes it out on Marlon and Chloe.


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