Angie is clearly finding life hard without Sean. Ollie is upset when she sees Angie clearing out Sean's clothes from the wardrobe and tries to get her to talk to him. Angie comes downstairs with a box of Sean's things and breaks down when she finds their wedding photo. Marc comforts her, and she warns him about getting married too young. Cain tries to persuade Zak that the offer for the barn they received in The Woolpack last night is worth considering. Henry Sherwin, the man who overheard Zak's conversation with Eric, arrives and raises his offer to £1200, but Zak insists the barn is not for sale. Henry returns that evening and raises his offer further to £1500, but Cain suggests £2000 and they shake on the deal. Meanwhile, Chris makes plans to catch up with Tara on the ski slopes of Verbier. 


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