Jack's barrister warns him the case is stacked against him, as Richie has been called as a chief witness. He gets increasingly angry when she suggests that Robert and Andy are called up as witnesses, worried how they will be treated in court, but is told that their evidence could be the difference between an acquittal or a conviction. Kathy visits Jack in prison and tells him that she contacted the land agents as he requested, but feels that he's being very pessimstic. He tells her that the boys may get called as witnesses, but doesn't want them questioned. Kathy doesn't agree and says he must tell them he is going to sell the farm. Sean thinks that Angie and Richie are having an affair and tells Terry about how he saw them outside The Woolpack in an embrace, but Terry tells him to stop imagining things; Richie and Angie are just good friends. Later, in the street, Sean confronts Richie about his "affair" and the Valentine's rose that was sent to her, but Richie vehemently denies everything. Sean doesn't believe him and punches him to the ground. Angie spots Richie's black eye and questions him about what happened. He reluctantly tells her that it was Sean who hit him. Angie visits Sean, who accuses her of having an affair with Richie. She is furious that he believes that she could cheat on Sarah's memory and tells him that any chance of reconciliation has been dashed. Meanwhile, Zoe meets with Andrew Fraser, who arrives earlier than expected, and she takes him to the restaurant, where she hires him on the spot.


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