Kathy tries to apologise to Robert after their argument about him going to see Richie. Andy asks what is going on and calls Robert a traitor. Robert storms off and Andy leaves to get some work done on the farm. Robert calls round to see Richie and they talk about Sarah. Robert sees sense when Richie tells him about being called as a prosecution witness against Jack and, realising that fraternising with the man with broke up his parents marriage makes him look like a traitor, Robert leaves. He returns home to see Kathy showing a man around the house, but he is short with the both of them. Later, Robert apologises to Kathy for his behaviour, but they end up having another argument, feeling that he can't talk to her. Kathy confesses to Andy about the man from earlier and faces a torrent of abuse from him. Robert joins in the argument and Kathy has no option but to tell them that Jack wants to sell the farm. The boys blame her for the breakdown of the family and accuse her of not caring for them. Kathy becomes upset and tells them that she's had enough and is leaving, with the intention of not returning. Meanwhile, Marc asks Angie if she would give him a driving lesson. They arrive back to find Sean is waiting for them to collect some of his clothes. The air remains cold around them. Once Sean has collected some of his things, Angie asks him to give her his set of the house keys back and he reluctantly agrees.


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