Following the argument last night, Robert has been left to pick up the pieces, Andy has run off, Kathy has walked out, and Victoria has been left on her own. Robert returns to the house and finds a frightened Victoria hiding under the table and tells her what happened. Kathy and Emily arrive at the farm and Robert tells them about Andy running off. Andy heads into the village and tells Cain that he has left home and that Kathy has walked out on them. Cain takes Andy to The Woolpack for a drink. Emily catches up with the pair. She implores Andy to come home and he agrees, especially after he is told that Victoria was left on her own. Meanwhile, Jack is feeling helpless in prison. His family is falling apart and there is nothing he can do about it. He talks to his cellmate Harry about his trust in Kathy and worries about how much the kids are going to be scarred by this experience. Elsewhere, Nicola introduces herself to Andrew and Scott helps Chloe with her car.


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