Kathy heads to the prison to see Jack. He asks her for an explanation about what happened yesterday. She tries to explain to him how difficult the boys have been and puts it down to confusion about what is going to happen to them and the farm. She tells him about the land agent's visit and how he told her that the farm would be easier to sell without the animals. Kathy thinks Jack should hang on until after the trial, but he tells her to go ahead, as he can not afford to wait any longer. Len, Sean's dad, arrives at the house to a warm greeting from Ollie and an awkward hello from Angie. Len heads to The Woolpack and finds Sean drinking on his own. Sean is surprised to see him and Len demands to know what has been going on between him and Angie. Sean tells him about his relationship with Tara and how much he wants Angie back. Len advises him to try and work things out. Meanwhile, Chloe's mother Margaret comes to visit and she asks Scott to pose as Charity's reliable boyfriend.


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