Kathy calls into her cottage to find it in a complete mess. She is annoyed with Marlon and Tricia for not looking after the place and tells them to get the place tidied up as she has enough on her plate with the Sugdens. Kathy takes the boys to see Jack in prison. He explains to Robert and Andy how he doesn't want them to be witnesses in court for them; no-one can force them to do it, but his barrister thinks it might be the only way he will be acquitted. He asks the boys to have a think about it. Chloe calls round to Scott's and wonders when her car will be ready. She talks him round into going for a test drive at lunchtime. While out on the road, they come clean about the games they had been playing. After a picnic by the side of the road, they kiss, but they end up stranded in the middle of nowhere when the car doesn't start. Meanwhile, Tricia and Marlon devise a plan to get Eric out of the restaurant flat when they head there to find it in a mess and realise that he must've left the door open, and Emily is smitten with a young man in the church.


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