Ashley brings Bernice breakfast in bed as they discuss baby names. Viv shows Bob a job advertisement in the paper, Bob refuses to consider the job. Bob offers to help Marc learn to drive, Donna teases him. Paddy is shocked that he forgot Mandy's birthday. Marc stalls the car for the fifth time, Donna teases him whilst Bob tries to calm his nerves. Gloria becomes concerned for Paddy when he throws Mandy's birthday card in the bin. Paddy is shocked when Kathy reveals Jack wants to sell the farm. Nicola tries to help Emily find Ed. Bev meets up with Paddy and gets him to confess what's wrong, she invites him to her place. Alan works out that Bernice is pregnant but Diane swears him to secrecy. Edna storms into the shop and tells Viv that her dog food has caused digestion problems for Batley. Carol makes a snipe at Edna, and Edna quits her job. Bev informs Kathy that Andy hasn't been at school all week. Bob brings Viv flowers, Viv tells Bob he doesn't need another job as he can work at the shop. Emily fails to find Ed, she believes she has to forget Ed exists. Jason teases Paddy about his date with Bev. Bob refuses to work in Viv's shop, she says she no longer wants it. Paddy is amazed to see how Bev has designed the dining room. Bev tells Paddy the story of how she turned down a $60,000 year job for teaching. Paddy confesses to Bev that he has feelings for her, Bev admits she only sees him as a friend. Paddy decides to leave, but Bev tries to let him down gently. She tries to get Paddy to stay but he decides to leave.


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