Chris fires Andrew out of jealousy, due to Andrew having his eye on Charity. Zoe accuses Chris of letting his jealousy get in the way of good business, and proposes that he gets rid of Charity instead. After Chris leaves the room, Zoe tries to explain to Charity why she feels the way she does about Chris and Charity's relationship - making it quite clear yet again that she wants Charity out of Chris's life. She threatens Charity by telling her that all it takes is one word to Chris, and she'd be out of his life. Charity's response is to use the only tactics she knows - she kisses her! Cheeky Charity's brashness certainly does the trick - Zoe is shocked into silence by the unwelcome advance. Zoe reacts to the kiss with complete horror and shock - she's totally stunned and leaves the room without saying a word. Meanwhile, following her outburst in Chez Marlon the previous night, Nicola is heartbroken over Andrew. Bernice gives some sisterly advice for her. Elsewhere, Len oversteps the mark with Angie when he tries to get to open up about her dilemma.

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