Emily’s still feeling downcast about the anniversary of Butch's death. Ed heads round to the cricket pavilion to meet with Emily, but Cain warns him off. Emily turns up not long after, but leaves when Ed doesn't turn up. That evening, Lisa tells her to stop brooding, go out more and meet new people, but Emily is heartbroken when Zak lays down the law on her and men. Meanwhile, the trial may be over for Jack but the questions haven’t stopped as the press keep ringing the house. Robert heads over to Richie's and demands to know why he changed his statement and who started the fire. Angie calls round to tell Richie that the police have closed the case; they still believe Jack did it, but they can't try him for the same crime twice. The news is relayed to the Sugdens, much to Robert's dismay. Elsewhere, Tricia tries her best to drum up business for the restaurant, but her attempts are scuppered when she inadvertently insults everyone.


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