Emily is feeling lonely, so Lisa decides to help her out by matching her up with Ed. When Ed calls round to collect the Dingles discarded junk, Lisa says he can have them for free, under one condition - he comes round for tea. In The Woolpack, Jason tells Zak and Cain about Ed coming for tea and they head straight back to the house, under the assumption that Lisa's playing away. Zak explodes when he discovers Ed in the house, but Lisa puts him in his place by telling him that he's there for Emily, and Zak simmers down. Ed confesses that he and Emily met a few weeks ago, but lost touch, then got back. Zak grabs Ed by the scruff of his neck when Emily says that Ed received a message from Butch and accuses the young lad of being a conman. He warns Ed not to speak about Butch again and throws him out. A furious Emily tells Zak that she's lost all respect for him. Meanwhile, Marlon and Tricia struggle desperately to make ends meet when Eric moves out of the flat and demands a deposit for the rent - £600, which the couple unfortunately don't have; Eric has an unexpected surprise for Gloria when he presents her with a necklace; and Jack and the boys head off for a much-needed break.


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