Following her row with Zak last night, Emily packs her bags, leaves the Dingle homestead and moves in with Paddy. She finds Paddy talking on the phone, and enquires. He tells her that it was Zak and Lisa. Emily makes it clear to Paddy that she does not want anyone to speak on her behalf and she has the right to talk to who she wants. Ed calls round to the Dingles to see Emily, but is greeted by Cain, who tells her that she staying at Paddy's, and offers to give him a lift there. On the way, Cain stops and orders Ed out of the van. He warns Ed to leave Emily alone and stay away from the village. The sinister warning leaves Ed scared for his life. That night, he calls round to Paddy's, just to say goodbye to Emily, as he can't cope with all the aggravation from the Dingles. Meanwhile, Gloria wears Eric's necklace at the vet's, but takes it off and puts it in her bag for safekeeping. After her lunch break at the Woolpack, where she gives Nicola a hard time, she is stunned to discover she's lost it. She tries to tell him in the pub, but before she gets a chance to, he offers to give to her for £500. Elsewhere, Marlon and Tricia’s dream home turns to nightmare as they head up to the flat and discover that it's been completely emptied.

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