The enormity of his and Tricia's situation is too much to bear for Marlon, while Tricia continues to think positively. In the restaurant, Chris complains about the state of the menu, causing Marlon to snap and storm out for some fresh air. He later confronts Eric in the street about the stripped flat. Eric smugly tells him that consumerables and fittings were not a part of the tenancy agreement. Marlon is finally pushed to his limit when Virginia and Andrew complain about the service and furiously throws everyone out. Meanwhile, Gloria tells Paddy that she plans to buy a replica of Eric's lost necklace, in order to avoid any undue aggravation. Paddy offers to have a word, but Gloria refuses. She does, however, suggests that he lends her the money, but he says no, as it will not solve anything. Elsewhere, Lisa has wise words for Zak, telling him that Emily is free to see who she wants. They head over to Paddy's to convince her to come home, but she doesn't want to; she's got to be her own person, to think for herself, and staying with the Dingles makes her feel as though she's regressing back to her life before Butch.

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