Marlon's holed up in bed, full of regret about last night's outburst. Tricia makes a compromise with Chris; if the restaurant can be filled up to the brim with customers, then he leaves Marlon alone. She puts her plan, a two-for-one discount, into action, scurrying around the village handing out leaflets, and phoning Radio Hotten to advertise the offer. Tricia's initiative leaves Marlon sceptical, but as the evening looks to be a success, Marlon's spirits appear to be lifted. After closing, Tricia drops the bombshell to him that she was offering everyone half price, which disappoints him, but he understands why she did it. Meanwhile, Gloria heads to a pawnbrokers and gives away her watch, but the owner offers her £300 for it, £200 less than she needs to pay Eric. Gloria seeks solace in the church, cleaning the candlesticks sitting atop the altar. Desperation overwhelms her and, in order to raise the funds she needs, she puts the candlesticks into her bag and scarpers. After she's taken the candlesticks to the pawnbroker, Cain enters with the necklace and is offered £35. That evening at the Woolpack, Gloria gives Eric the money, which he graciously accepts.

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