Walter reveals that there has been a train accident at the junction, and Annie receives a call from Ben that Beattie's car was struck by a train, killing her and the twins. Meanwhile, Amos and Henry find somewhere to move The Woolpack to.


Annie has had two copies of the key for the shed made and Sam isn't pleased. Martin calls Joe to see if Rosemary wants to join them both and Kathy at a disco in Leeds that night. Rosemary turns them down saying she doesn't feel like going out. Sam tries to talk to Joe about his tools and demands his chisel back. Mel asks Rosemary to meet him for a meal that night. She agrees. Henry suggests moving The Woolpack premises to the old corn chandlers but Amos isn't keen believing it to be haunted. Joe convinces Kathy to have a private night in rather than going to the disco. Martin rings Emmerdale Farm to speak to Rosemary. Annie almost puts her foot in it by saying Rosemary's already out but Matt stops her just in time. Matt leaves to pick Beth up for a meal. Walter arrives at The Woolpack with news that there's been a train accident at the junction. Annie receives a call from Ben and breaks down in tears.


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