It's the day of Diane and Bernice's dinner party. Diane wallows in self-pity after her dumping from Jack. And Bernice suffers from an ultra shock when she catches Nicola and Carlos kissing! Chris is becoming more and more possessive over Charity and when she slips off for the day with Zoe, he's sent on the warpath to find her whereabouts. Jason finds an unordinary friend in Edna while Angie and Cain arrange a rendezvous at the Reynolds' house with the family out for the night. However, the night of passion ends in tatters when Ollie and Len arrive home earlier than expected, and the two are nearly caught in bed together. Seth and Ed find a friend in one another and Seth offers his advice on working at Home Farm.


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  • The Woolpack - Public bar, kitchen, backroom and cellar
  • Home Farm - Living room, office, grounds and stables
  • Holdgate Farm - Attic, upstairs hallway, stairway, driveway and back garden


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