Rodney informs Bernice and Ashley that he intends to stay in the village for longer than he had intended after forming several business deals with Chris Tate. Marlon is furious with Tricia when he discovers that she's bidden on a vast majority of items that they don't need at an auction and all have been accepted. With business also lacking, he's lost for words when they are both told that no refunds are available and the total cost is over £300. Len attempts to play matchmaker with Sean and Angie. However, when Len prompts Sean to visit Angie, who they believe to be at home alone, Cain and Angie are nearly caught in the act again. After a muffled row with Sean and throwing him out, Angie's attitude towards Cain quickly transforms, and he's the next victim on the receiving end of Angie's sharp tongue. Virginia believes that Andrew has a soft spot for Charity and rakes up his past about sleeping with the bosses wife. Zoe also notices this and uses it as a weak spot to irritate Chris.


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