Tricia is reeling with embarrassment after the events of the previous day. Bernice is shocked to find out Carlos has stayed the night at The Vicarage and decides Nicola has outstayed her welcome. She persuades Diane to take Nicola up at the pub. Diane's seedy love life is at the height of gossip throughout the village, and when Viv lets onto Richie that her and Jack may have been at it when Sarah was still alive, he is furious and releases his temper out on Diane in the Woolpack. Alan lets known to Tricia how truly disappointed he is with her recent actions. Diane gives Rodney a piece of her mind and he too has a few insults to trade. Bernice decides that Tricia has truly run her course with her mouth and sets out on a confrontation. However, she doesn't get the reception she expected when Tricia admits she slept with Gavin, and in revenge, Bernice tells her she's going to the Home Office to snitch on her and Joe. Meanwhile, Viv is still remaining stubborn towards Carol and Bob is a member of the party that is truly suffering from it.


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