Bernice's world comes crashing down around her when, already reeling from her row with Tricia, she goes to the hospital for her first scan - only to be told she has lost the baby. When she and Ashley arrive at the hospital for the scan, they don't even consider the possibility that something could be wrong - they're too busy chatting about how happy they are. But when the nurse performing the scan hurries off to fetch a doctor, Bernice soon realises that something is very wrong, and it's not long before her worst fears are confirmed. Bernice has what is called a missed miscarriage - she probably miscarried a few days earlier, but the baby hasn't come away properly yet, which is why she hadn't realised. At first she thinks they've made a mistake, and she goes into denial. The final seeds of mistrust are sown between Marlon and Tricia when she admits that she had slept with Gavin.

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