A policeman informs Matt that Beattie and the twins are dead. Ben takes Beattie's death hard and Sam worries that the twins were sent away because of him.


Henry receives a call asking him to go to Emmerdale Farm urgently. Joe and Kathy discuss their failed marriages. A grief stricken Annie tells Sam and Henry that Beattie's car stalled as she was driving over a level crossing and a train hit them, killing her and the twins. Sam and Henry try to comfort her as she wonders how to tell Matt. A policeman approaches Matt who is sat in the car with Beth on a country road. Upon discovering the news, he spends the night wandering the moors. He vomits in shock at the death of his twins. Joe tells Kathy that if he were free he would ask her to marry him. They kiss. A devastated Matt eventually returns to the farm early the next morning. Annie explains that the Middletons are looking after Ben and the doctor has put him to sleep for a while. She tries her best to comfort him. Kathy bursts in on Joe and breaks the news to him before he returns to the farm. He dashes off. Amos lies to journalists who call The Woolpack wanting to speak to Henry about the accident. Henry makes a call wanting the plans for the corn chandler's to be ready for submission as soon as possible. He tells Amos it's a precautionary measure in case they need to move quickly. Sam worries that Matt sent the twins to live with Beattie and Ben because of him. Joe reassures him that it's not true.


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