Amos throws Trash out of The Woolpack, and whilst he tries to find somewhere to sleep, he encounters Jim cornering Sharon in an alleyway. He becomes Sharon's knight in shining armour as he distracts Jim by throwing rocks at him.


Sam is wanting to buy himself a sheepdog puppy, he argues with his friend Hilly as he is trying to con him into buying a non pedigree sheepdog. Trash is thrown out of The Woolpack and threatened with the police. Sam gives him some money. Jim has disappeared from the sheepdog trials and his friends search for him, meanwhile Jim is taunting Sharon by the riverside and will not let her go home. Sam is pleased when he is offered a lift in Verney's Rolls Royce. Amos is jealous when he sees Henry and Annie together. Trash tries to hand in empties he stole from the tent earlier for money but Amos threatens him with the police and he runs off. Sharon becomes very scared by Jim's threatening behaviour towards her, he tries to kiss her and they are spotted by Trash. Sharon uses this distraction to try to escape and runs into the disused abbey where she is forced to hide until it gets dark. Jim vows that he will wait for her. Annie, Sam, Wilks and Verney have a drink together in The Woolpack. Joe arrives to tell Annie that Sharon's mum and Annie's cousin, Beryl Crossthwaite, is worried that she has not returned home.


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Annie Sugden: "You had a good day Amos?"
Amos Brearly: "Could be better, could be worse."
Annie Sugden: "That's what my Jacob used to say about your beer."

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