Tara returns to Home Farm, leaving Chris and Zoe wondering what her motives are. Meanwhile, Ashley struggles to get through to Bernice.


Terry informs Chris that Tara has returned. She appears to have come back so she can check on her stallions, but Chris and Zoe aren’t convinced, sure that she has something up her sleeve. Andrew introduces himself to Tara and he is quite clearly taken with her. Chris and Zoe are incensed when Tara informs them that she is moving her stallions to a new stud near Thirsk. Marlon is downcast when he receives correspondence, believing it’s from Tricia. Kathy and Chloe find him cooped up in bed and convince him to get up and get to work, lest the restaurant goes under. Ashley, trying to remain positive and strong following their recent tragedy, struggles as a despondent Bernice continues to shut him out. Kathy visits the vicarage to offer her condolences and support, and tells Bernice that she’s not alone, calling back to the time she suffered a miscarriage while married to Jackie. Even, despite previous animosity, Edna lends Bernice comfort. Jack receives a letter from an estate agent informing him that a representative from a feed company is interested in using the farm for cereal production.


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