The Dingles get a shock when Sam unexpectedly returns. He feels that because he's Zak's only son and heir now that Butch is gone, he's let the family down by abandoning them, but Zak and Lisa feel awkward, knowing that they have something big to tell him. Cain comes back from seeing Angie, and Sam wonders why he's still here, but he's in for a surprise when Cain says, "'Ey up, bruv." Meanwhile, Jack wrestles with temptation regarding the counterfeit money that Harry left for him and he confides in Seth, feeling that the money might be able to keep the farm running for another couple of months. He heads into the barn and retrieves the fake money, just as Angie and a colleague arrive. Elsewhere, Gloria returns to work at the vet's surgery, but starts to feel the strain when she's forced to make a difficult choice.

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