Eric continues to undermine the Dingles' attempts to finish the barn on time so that they incur penalties. He heads round to the homestead, picks up their tools and puts them in his car. Inside the house, the Dingles are suffering from a hangover. Jason arrives and reminds them that 5pm is the deadline. When they head outside to continue on with the work, Zak, Lisa and Jason realise their tools have been stolen. The building inspector comes round and proclaims that the building is up to standards and will overlook the drains since Eric is a county councillor, but Eric insists he must check the drains. Eric tells the Dingles that they will not get paid since they won't have finished the work by the end of the day. Meanwhile, Emily moves out of Paddy and Jason's to lodge with the Sugdens and Marc’s surprised by an unexpected offer he can’t refuse.


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