Angie is getting ready at the B&B. Cain wants her to get back into bed but she refuses. At breakfast at the Reynolds', Len says that he saw Viv last night and she mentioned that Donna and Marc had been in her house alone. Marc is elusive. Meanwhile, Viv is telling Donna off at breakfast about spending time with Marc. Donna is indignant. Viv says Marc is too old for her and she is going to see Angie Reynolds. Jack is stressed, reading a lot of paperwork at the kitchen table. He snaps at both Emily and Andy and tells them to go out. Viv gives Angie a load of abuse and says that she wants to speak to Marc herself because what he did was illegal. Jack is in the barn, he removes a bale to reveal a bag of cash. Angie yells at Marc. Betty has been made foreman at Pollard's new factory. Jack goes to the Post Office to pay his telephone, gas and electric bills. Jack pays in cash and is abrupt with Emily when she asks if everything is OK. He tells her he is using his savings. Seth wants a job at the factory. Pollard says he can start that afternoon. Jonny tells Marc to dump Donna and go for someone older. Bev hears Donna talking about Marc and tells her that she can talk to her anytime. Scott says he will sort out Marc. Pollard agrees to let Edna work at the factory too. Cain asks Andy to store some cigarettes for him in the barn. Scott gives Marc a lecture about Donna. Bev takes Marc back to her house to talk. Cain is tempting Andy to sell the cigarettes. Andy says that his father needs the money so he'll do it. Bev gives Marc a beer in her house, and asks him what has happened. Marc tells Bev that she is more understanding than his parents and asks her about her experiences as a teenager. Marc tries to kiss Bev, she is angry and tells him to get out. The next day, Angie apologises for being so cross with Marc. Viv apologises to Donna for being so cross and says she will try and treat her like a young adult. Donna tells Viv she is going to carry on seeing Marc. Ashley talks about Bernice's miscarriage and says that Bernice is being harsh towards him. Ashley says she ought to be out and about more. Marc tells Donna that he can not be doing with the pressure, he says he is finishing their relationship. Donna is cross that Marc has spoken to Bev. Virginia tells Charity that she has completed the guest list for the party. Donna yells at Bev, blaming Bev for telling Marc to dump her. Charity tells Marlon that he can't wallow in his sorrows. Marlon explains how he feels about life, he misses Tricia and the business is a disaster. Charity tells him to get the business back on its feet. Marlon kisses Charity. Outside the school, Andy is selling cigarettes to a group of boys. Bev comes round the corner. Robert talks to her about science homework. Donna arrives at the Reynolds house and listens to Marc and Jonny talking about her and Bev. Jonny jumps to the conclusion that Marc and Bev are together. Andy gives Jack £20 for the bills, they claim they have saved up the pocket money which Kathy gave them whilst he was in prison. Virginia gets cross with Andrew for staring at Charity. Donna is sitting on a bench in the village and watches Bev go into the Woolpack. Donna storms into the Woolpack and yells at Bev, asking her what is going on with her and Marc. Everyone in the Woolpack is listening as Donna shouts that Bev told Marc to dump her and then she had sex with him.


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  • This episode was transmitted as a special hour-long episode with two individual episodes merged.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,360,000 viewers (8th place).
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