Chris is becoming increasingly suspicious that Charity is having an affair. After accusing Andrew of being the secret man, he demands answers from Marlon on why Charity was with Rodney the previous night. He later confides in Zoe that he has feelings for Charity. Ashley is called out by the bishop to replace the Vicar of Weatherby at a conference about the future of agriculture. However, the replacement means leaving home for the week and he worries about leaving Bernice. She prompts him to go. Marlon believes that his business is truly hanging by a thread after Kathy's resignment and Chris's offering partnership. Bridget is secretly disappointed when Andrew wants to keep their 'thing' a secret from the village. Bev gets the job she was hoping for, and is more than pleased to be escaping the village. Carol enjoys blackmailing Viv into hanging up a flyer for the B&B in exchange for her to keep Viv's real age a secret from Bob, and later suggesting to hold Viv a Birthday Party at the B&B's opening night. Charity begins to have doubts about her and Zoe's affair, but Zoe is more than game to carry it on and arranges a sordid week away for the pair. Meanwhile, Alan and Diane set out for the South in search for Tricia.


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