It's the opening night of the B&B and Carol is determined to make everything run smoothly. She takes amusement out of humiliating Viv with her snide kindness, but lays the pressure on Terry. Viv spends her birthday swirling in misery and drowning her sorrows. With Carol at the helm of the highlight throughout the village, she decides that enough is enough. She gatecrashes the B&B's opening ceremony, furiously discovers her furniture, and gives Carol what for before publicly humiliating her by throwing a glass of wine in the direction of her face. Charity tells Chloe that Zoe is the mystery person. Eric causes a catastrophe outside the factory when he parks his car in the driveway, leaving the Dingles unable to get out. In act of revenge, both Zak and Cain both clamp his car and demand £50 to revert their doings. Meanwhile, Tricia is still nowhere to be found and Chez Marlon is slowly but shortly disappearing from the radar.


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