Carol is not happy with the funirture that was once in the hands of Viv. Despite Terry trying to rationalise, she throws the items out. And when word gets round to Viv, Viv plots her ultimate revenge by performing a peace offering, before planting prawns in one of the curtains of the restaurant. Eric gives Sam the job of designing a sign outside the factory as a statement for a parking space for him. However, when the Dingles get word of this, they are far from pleased. Charity tries reasoning with Chris on the pain he is causing for Marlon. Zak and Cain approach them and throw threats their way, and later Chris tries to get Charity to confess her love for him. Terry begins to become impatient with Carol when she flirts with the customers, and when she tells one of Terry's mates that her and Terry aren't a partnership, he walks out on her. The Dingles are visited by the DSS to inform them that Zak's benefits are no longer valid following the confirmation from an unknown identity that Lisa is working more than twenty-four hours a week.


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  • No episode was broadcast on Monday 21st May due to Meet the Survivors transmitting in Emmerdale's place. As a result, two episodes were broadcast on Tuesday 22nd May, with this edition broadcasting at 8.00pm.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,700,000 viewers (14th place).
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