The Dingles are livid when they receive a visit from a D.S.S. officer informing them that Zak is no longer eligible for employment benefits. Convinced that someone in the village has informed on him, Zak resolves to track down the culprit and make them pay. The finger of suspicion points firmly at Eric. Eric is disturbed when Sam tells him that Zak is convinced that he is responsible for grassing them up to the authorities. Sam demands that he gives him a proper job or he will help his father get his revenge on him. Zak approaches Charity and questions her about being visited by a D.S.S. officer. She pleads her innocence and he is stunned when she told him that Cain has already betrayed him by sitting on a pile of cash that he stole from her. Zak returns home and confronts Cain, who tries to convince his father that Charity is lying. But Zak finds the cash. Elsewhere, Bernice moves into the pub and closer to Carlos, while Carol faces the harsh reality of being a landlady.


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