Robert is horrified by Andy's admission that he was responsible for starting the fire that killed his mother. Unable to come to terms with the revelation, he flees the house desperate to get as far away from his adopted brother as possible. Seeing his son's desperate escape, Jack confronts Andy and is furious to discover why Robert is so upset. Fearing for Robert's state of mind, Jack begins a desperate search for him. He enlists Richie's help, but Alan is less than happy when Jack interrupts his romantic meal with Diane and asks them to look after Victoria while he continues his search. As afternoon turns into evening, Jack finally discovers where Robert has been hiding. He tries to persuade him to return home, but Robert tells him that he will not live in the same house as Andy. Jack suggests that he could arrange for him to stay with Annie and Amos in Spain for a while. He is heartbroken when Robert agrees, but demands to leave that night. Bernice and Carlos give in to temptation and decide to embark on a full-blown affair.


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Memorable dialgoue

Edna Birch: "If Len Reynolds was the last person in this world, I wouldn't lower myself to have any sort of social intercourse with him."
Betty Eagleton: "I beg your pardon?"
Edna Birch: "I said social intercourse! There's quite enough of the other sort going on in this village already."

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