With her relationship with Jack finally on track, everything should be rosy for Diane, and Rodney takes great pleasure in winding her up about her complicated love life, while Nicola suggests that she should patch things up with Alan before it is too late. Meanwhile, Alan tells Terry that it is time he starts thinking about the future instead of clinging to the past, and he has decided to move out of the Woolpack. Charity and Zoe decide to spend the day together, but they end up wishing that they hadn’t when Paddy bumps into them at an inopportune moment. When Zoe returns to the vets, Paddy tells her that she is playing a very dangerous game, one which could cause problems for a lot of people. It is Tricia’s birthday and Marlon is upset when Jason shows his face in his restaurant. A heated exchange ensues in which Marlon blames him for Tricia running away. But Marlon is stunned when Rodney admits that he had his own argument with her on the day she left. Eric meets his match when Cynthia Daggert arrives for a job interview at his factory. He is flummoxed when she sees through his patter and bluntly asks him about work and conditions. But it is Gloria who puts her in her place when she asks for an extra £10 per week on the going rate.


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