Viv and Carol head for Chesterfield convinced that Bob has another wife on the go. As they arrive Viv is left gobsmacked to see Bob kissing a young woman with two children. The plot thickens when they follow him to a second and third rendezvous. First, he visits the lady owner of a B&B, then he meets yet another woman with more children. Viv is suitably furious and confronts Bob in a rage, demanding an explanation, but in the end it turns out that Bob wasn't seeing another woman, he was visiting his sister-in-law and his kids from his previous marriages. Diane overhears a conversation between Bernice and Carlos and is disturbed by its tone. She becomes increasingly suspicious as she watches them closely together. Eric convinces Gloria to return to the factory and gave her a promotion. He later sacks Edna.


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  • First appearance of Carly Hope and last until 9th February 2006. She was played by an uncredited child actress.
  • Bob's son Josh appears in this episode. He was played by an uncredited child actor.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,910,000 viewers (10th place).
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