Diane is disgusted by Bernice and Carlos and makes her displeasure known to her daughter. Others are unaware of the trouble that was brewing and happily sings the praises of Bernice, leaving her feeling more than a little uncomfortable. Bernice tries to make Diane understand that she doesn’t want to hurt Ashley but can’t stop seeing Carlos. Diane advises her to get away for a while to try and sort out her feelings, suggesting that she leave for Sorrento without Ashley. Sean spends some time with Ollie and Marc. Arriving home, Angie invites him to go out for a meal with them. Over dinner they reminisce about the good old days. Viv is triumphant about the prawn trick she played on Carol, while Terry and Bob are desperate for the two women to put their differences behind them. Sam wins the right to be foreman at the factory but Eric pushes for the job to go to Cynthia instead.


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