Cain and Angie arrange a secret liaison, but she is forced to stand him up when Ollie returns home upset, after her exams went badly. Cain is furious when Angie fails to show. On his way home, he is stopped by the police and questioned about a robbery. Intent on getting his own back, he tells the police officer that he has an alibi; he was with Angie. Angie is shocked when there was a knock at the door and she finds Cain and a police officer standing before her. Angie lies and tells the police that she was with Cain earlier in the day. With her daughter's betrayal weighing heavily on her mind, Diane turns to Jack for advice. She tells him that she intends to confront Carlos about his affair with Bernice, and Jack warns her to be careful about interfering. Diane finds Carlos in the Woolpack and he is left devastated when she makes it clear that his affair with her daughter must end. Andy regrets getting involved with Cain when he forces him to hide some contraband cigarettes.


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