Angie is confused over what she wants and her confusion turns to anger when Len and Ollie try to push her back with Sean before she is ready. Over at the Dingles, Andy drops by to tell Cain he will have to move the cigarettes he put in a barn Jack is about to renovate. Cain, trying to get ready for his date with Angie, angrily pays him and throws him out. Sam winds up Cain when he suggests that Angie has dumped him in favour of Sean. But Sam is closer to the truth than he realises and Angie meets with Cain to deliver some devastating news. She tells Cain it is all over between the two of them. Nicola is worried about Carlos' mood but she manages to make up with him. Diane is pleased to see the couple getting on well together. Zak is angry when Lisa mentions that they are struggling on Sam's and her wages. His mood goes from bad to worse when he learns that she has been referring to him as a house husband. Richie and Jason tease Scott after Scott becomes convinced Jason was ogling him while fixing the roof.


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