Cain is still reeling after being dumped by Angie and he is desperate for a second chance. He begs her to explain her reasons and she agrees to take a drive with him and talk things over. When Angie reiterates that things are over, Cain goes wild with rage and begins to drive like a man possessed. He loses control of the car and it crashes. Angie escapes on foot with Cain in hot pursuit, determined that if he can't have Angie - nobody can. Lisa is concerned over Zak's mood. She is further worried when he reappears after having a bath and storms out of the house a worried man. Diane is struggling behind the bar and arranges for a temporary barmaid to lighten the load. Louise the barmaid proves to be a big hit with the menfolk of Emmerdale, with her stunning looks and memory for names. Her arrival makes Nicola feel put out. Charity persuades Chris to give her a night to herself, although it's really to be with Zoe. Chris tells Richie he can meet with a major client on his own.


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