Angie’s nerves are in tatters and with Cain refusing to give up the fight, things start to get a whole lot worse. If his constant presence is not enough, a series of malicious phone calls threaten to throw her over the edge. After retiring to bed, a sudden noise throws her into a panic, and she decides to investigate. But she is left looking for an excuse for her behaviour when she narrowly misses Len with a cricket bat. Lisa is frustrated when she tries to tell Zak about Cain menacing Angie, but he storms out of the house before she could tell him. Her concerns grow when he returns home and he rejects her attempts to get close to him. Carol is well cheesed off when Terry suggests that Cynthia and her family could stay at the B&B. But what she didn't know is that he had offered them a room at a reduced rate. Viv is excited when Bob tells her that he has a surprise for her. But her excitement is short-lived when he revealed that she could enter the ‘Miz Naughty Nylons’ competition to win an exotic holiday. Diane is annoyed when she spots Rodney flirting with Louise. Intent on putting an end to their behaviour, she tells Louise to be wary about him and warns Rodney to leave her bar staff alone.


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