Zak is finding it difficult to cope with all of the problems he is facing and thanks to his inability to tell Lisa about his health fears, things are set to get even worse. At the Dingles, Cain uses Zak's absence to assert his own control over the household. Lisa is heartbroken when he tells her not to make tea for Zak, as he won’t be coming home. Marlon tries to convince Zak to share his problems with Lisa. Irritated by Marlon's interference, Zak leaves the Woolpack, and with nowhere else to go, decides to head home. He arrives and tries to apologise to Lisa through a locked door. Hopeful of reconciliation, she opens the door, but is stunned to find that Zak has suddenly changed his mind. Carol takes action when Rodney complains about the behaviour of the Daggert's dog. She confronts Cynthia and insists that their pet should stay outside. Danny fears the worst when his dog goes missing. But little does he realise that Jack has had to shoot the dog for terrorising the sheep on his farm. Carol is unimpressed when Louise arrives at the B&B and Rodney invites her to spend the night with him. Scott is surprised when Richie announces that he is dissolving his business partnership with Chris so that he can set up his own company away from Emmerdale. The Reynolds family, including Sean gather to celebrate after Ollie finishes her GSCEs. Angie is unnerved as Cain continues to hang around outside. Jason and Paddy make plans for Paddy's birthday.


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