The Daggert's dog fails to show, and Danny is desperate to find out what has happened to him. Carol hears Jack talking about the dog that he shot, and realises that he must be talking about Naz. She assures him that she will tell Danny the bad news. She blurts it out remorselessly. Danny rushes in to the vets and is distraught to hear that Paddy has had to put Naz down. He confronts Jack in The Woolpack, only to hear there was no choice due to the dog having a taste of blood. He swears the matter isn't over and flees. Zak tells Marlon that he thinks that Lisa is probably better off without him. Seth offers to let Zak stay at his for a while, but Betty is less than sympathetic towards him and has a go at him for the way he has been treating Lisa. Paddy cancels his '80s-themed birthday party as he's unhappy about what happened with Naz. Jason stays with him for support, rather than go clubbing with his new boyfriend. Later, Paddy is furious to find that there has been a break in at the vets and the contents of the drugs cabinet have been stolen. Jack is unhappy about still not hearing from Robert. Richie visits the Sugdens to say goodbye and promises that he will never reveal the truth about how Sarah died. Lisa regrets opening her mouth, when she lets slip to Cain that she knows that he was having a secret relationship with Angie. Carol enlists Terry’s help to take the photographs for her entry in the ‘Miz Naughty Nylons’ competition. Rodney gives Louise a toothbrush for the next stage in their relationship.


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