After all their recent problems, things were destined to get even worse for the Daggerts. When Angie investigates the break in at the vets, Danny becomes number one suspect. His reputation is dealt a further blow when Rodney’s wallet goes missing. At the B&B, Carol demands that the Daggerts leave and fed up by her treatment, they decided to pack their bags. Gloria and Edna try to convince Ashley that the Daggerts are responsible for the recent crime wave. Upset by their attitude, Ashley offers to let them stay at the vicarage. Richie admits to Scott that he has no intention of telling Chris that he is leaving Emmerdale to set up his own business. At work, he tells Chris that they have lost a client to a competitor but he neglects to tell him that he has stolen the business for himself. With his bags packed, Richie joins his friends for a farewell drink. But the fireworks flying when Chris discovered what Richie had really been up to. Now he has upset Chris, Richie could leave the village a happy man. Diane was concerned to learn that Bernice will be returning to the village next week. She visited Carlos with the news and was relieved when he promised that his affair with Bernice is over. Nicola and Diane are unhappy to discover that Louise has spent the night with Rodney. Annoyed by his behaviour, they decide to confront him about the affair.


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