Jason is on his way to a job when he sees Latisha Daggert in labour on the side of the road while walking to village. Ollie wears a flashy dress and heels to work, annoying Gloria, pleasing Cain, and making the other women speculate about her love life. Angie embarrasses her by bringing her lunch to work. Ashley persuades Bernice to hire Danny at the pub, while Carol grows annoyed by Terry's closeness with the Daggert family. Sam struggles with keeping Zak's cancer fear a secret, while Zak nearly talks to Lisa until he overhears her saying she's better off without a man. Tara gets a call about her nephew, Julian, and agrees to let him stay with her. Gloria tells Eric she will use her late husband's business contacts to help him. Unable to get Latisha to hospital in time, Jason delivers her baby son in the back of his van.


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