Julian arrives in the village. Tara asks Andrew to take him on at the stables; when Andrew refuses, she secretly agrees to pay his wages. Julian turns up his nose at the thought of mucking. Cynthia realises she, Danny, Latisha and Kirk are underfoot with Ashley and Bernice, so she asks her family to look for a possible place to live. Ashley praises Bernice for her patience; she asks him to please stop. Danny asks Ollie about the empty Jacob's Fold. Cain sees them together and puts on a show of jealousy, delighting Ollie. Gloria and Eric are thrilled to see Glynis' order, although Gloria warns Eric of Cynthia missing work. After Cynthia gives Bernice and Ashley thank you gifts, the Daggerts head for their new home. Bernice confides in Carlos about her true feelings on the situation; when he tells her he's jealous of Ashley, they share a kiss. Carol is becoming jealous of Terry's time with Cynthia; when she sees them all going into Jacob's Fold with shopping bags, she calls the police to report them for squatting. The Daggerts, Terry and Jason enjoy a small party, although Latisha is thrown when, after realising Latisha and Cynthia assume his feelings for her may be romantic, he blurts out that he's gay. Angie responds to the call, with Terry lying to her that Chris is letting the family stay there. After Angie leaves, Cynthia tells Terry that when she finds out who called the cops, the results won't be pretty.


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  • A taxi driver is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,800,000 viewers (9th place).
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