Zak tries to conceal his fear about his operation. Cain is angry to discover that he was the last person to know about his father's illness. Zak is left dejected when he fails to offer any sympathy and simply asks him if the condition is hereditary. Lisa confides to Angie that she cannot understand why he couldn't tell her about his health fears. Seth tries to take Zak's mind off his problems and suggests that they could place a bet on the horses. But even a £500 win fails to pull him from his depression. Charity is stunned to hear that Zak may have cancer and tries to repair her relationship with her uncle, much to Cain's fury. Sean was annoyed to discover that Charity has made a mistake in the appointment book, and an important client visited while he was out of the office. He is irritated further when she informs him that there is no need to re-arrange the meeting as she has successfully negotiated the contract. And Alan is not convinced that Latisha will be able to juggle motherhood and working at the B&B. But he is pleasantly surprised to find just how hard a worker she really is.


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