It's the day of Zak's operation and the Dingles rally round him to offer support. Sam is touched when Zak tells him that if it wasn't for him he would still be trying to ignore the lump. At the hospital, the doctor tries to allay his fears by telling him that it is a simple operation, but Zak is less than convinced. When he comes round from the operation, Zak is relieved when the doctor tells him that his chances are good. Charity becomes increasingly irritated by Zoe's surprise visits to see her at work. Feeling smothered, Charity sees a way of escaping Zoe's possessiveness when Chris agrees to take her away on holiday. Andy gets himself in hot water when he is caught selling cigarettes in school. But the prospect of detention becomes more pleasant when he discovers that Katie Addyman will be joining him. And Ollie gets defensive when Angie quizzes her about her boyfriend and suggests that she could bring him round for tea.


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