Angie is becoming increasingly concerned about her colleagues questioning Len and the prospect of her affair with Cain being uncovered. Whilst at the hospital, Ollie makes an emotional apology to Len for Cain's behaviour, stressing that people have got him all wrong, but admits that they are no longer seeing each other. Following Len's interview with the police, Sean fails to understand why Cain is not going to be charged over Len's assault. Angie decides it's time to come clean about the reason Cain was in the house. She admits that Ollie invited Cain in, and that he was the boyfriend Ollie wouldn't tell them about. Sean is furious and is desperate to confront Cain. Angie pleads for him to stay away; stressing that Ollie and Cain's relationship is over. Gloria decides she doesn't want to look after £30,000 of Eric's money in a bank account bearing her name, even when he offers her 50% of the interest. But after consulting Ashley, she realises Eric's feelings may be honourable after all. Bernice makes a bid to patch things up with Nicola, but bumps into Carlos. A confrontation ensues and they admit they can't control their feelings for each other and kiss. Marc and Diane are having problems with the food at the Woolpack following Bernice's sacking of Carlos.


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